Frequently Asked Questions

Level One Personnel Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for this recruiting service, the hiring company or me?
There is absolutely no cost to the job seeker.

What type of positions does Level One recruit for?
We specialize in Administrative, Information Technology (IT), Medical, and Executive Management positions. Most of the jobs that we fill are in corporate office settings, ranging from data entry clerks to senior level managers. Take a look at our career opportunities to see a complete listing of all the positions currently available.

How long do the assignments last?
This varies based on the specific job placement. It can be a short term assignment for a few days, or a long term full time assignment working 40 hours a week. When you register with us, you will discuss what you are looking for with one of our recruiters to make sure we find something that fits your busy lifestyle.

How and when am I paid?
We pay our employees on a bi-weekly basis. You can either have your paycheck mailed to you, or have your pay deposited directly into your account. You can also pick up your paycheck on Friday, in our office in Columbia. The salary or hourly pay is discussed up front with you in your initial interview so we can find a position that meets your salary requirements.

Will my information be shared publicly?
Your personal information will never leave this office unless you are directly hired by one of our clients. They would then discuss with you filling out the correct paperwork to become a full-time employee with their company since you will no longer be employed with Level One. Your personal contact information will never be shared or distributed in any way.

How do I get started?

We want to take the guesswork out of applying for position with our firm, so here is a step-by-step guide to becoming an employee with Level One Personnel.

  1. Go to our website,, and look at our job listings under career opportunities. See a job you're interested in? Then send us your resume.
  2. Either email or fax your resume. Our main email is, which will then send your resume to all of our recruiters for consideration. Or you can fax your resume to us at 410-884-5880. When sending your resume, please specify if you are interested in a certain position or if you simply are looking to register with us.
  3. If we believe we can help you in finding a job, then one of our recruiters will call you to discuss coming in for an interview here in our office. This will give us a chance to go over your work experience, and discuss exactly what you are looking for in your next career move.
  4. Once you come in for an interview and we process your application, you are officially registered with Level One Personnel. You will then be eligible for working for our clients once we have completed your skills assessment and references.
If you have any other questions about what we offer or how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 410-740-3030. We are here to take some of the stress out of searching for a new job.